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ABWA National Organization History

"ABWA has long been accepted as one of the leading business women's associations in the United States, and its far-reaching influence has touched the lives and careers of many. It is incredible to realize that it all began more than 50 years ago, when the term "business woman" was an oddity and an association dedicated to advancing women's careers was simply unheard of."

Quoted from the ABWA's National website.

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ABWA Fort Bend League History

The Fort Bend League of American Business Women's Association was chartered in April 1981 in Stafford, TX, through the National Headquarters in Kansas City, MO. The ABWA Mission is to bring together women of diverse backgrounds and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.

A prime purpose of the Fort Bend League of ABWA has been to further the education of young women. This has been accomplished by the granting of over $50,000 in scholarships. Some of the recipients have become school principals, graduates of the US Naval Academy, and many other professions which benefit all people.

Members can benefit personally and professionally by active participation in chapter activities, which can lead to national recognition, such as Chapter Woman of the Year, National Top Ten Candidate, National Inner Circle Member, Protege Award, and Woman of Excellence.

The ABWA Fort Bend League's history has been respectfully written and submitted by Jean Shelledy. Many thanks to Jean for this valuable contribution.

ABWA Membership Pin

At the top is the TORCH, symbolizing light. May it lead our way to clear thinking.

The SCROLL stands for our quest for knowledge through listening and speaking, through reading, thinking the pursuit of excellence.

Around the scroll is the GOLDEN CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIP signifying generosity, kindness, and affection.

The letters "ABWA" are inscribed on the scroll to unify us as businesswomen toward the goal of improving ourselves, supporting each other, and advancing women in business.

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