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ABWA Fort Bend Chapter is excited that you are interested in membership with our chapter! Membership is just the beginning of a growing relationship personally and professionally. Chapter membership is a valued privilege.

Becoming A Member

Joining the American Business Women's Association as a national member is a prerequisite for joining any local ABWA chapter. The fee for the basic national membership is $115 annually.

This information is also available by visiting ABWA's National website.

Dues for local membership with the ABWA Fort Bend Chapter are $42 annually and payable in the month of August. Dues will be pro-rated for new members according to the month in which they join at $3.50/month. National dues are invoiced separately.

To complete an application for membership with ABWA please come to our next meeting!  We'd love to meet you!

Member Benefits

"When women get together, amazing things can happen. And that's just what the American Business Women's Assoication's membership ... [is] all about - women joining forces to further themselves both professionally and personally to amazing proportions. Not only do our members get the inside track on the issues facing their local communities, but they also are plugged into the trends and events that drive today's national businesses. Succeeding today is all about what you know, who you know and who knows you. And if you want to be successful, ABWA's chapters . . . give you the upper hand." Quoted from the National ABWA website.


ABWA's national magazine, Women in Business, is just one
of the many benefits of membership in the Association.

A Member Benefit from National

To discover more about ABWA's oppportunities to develop your knowledge and skill sets, to network, to be recognized for your valued membership contributions, and to discover what wonderful award-winning publication you will receive bimonthly, please click here.


A Member Benefit from National Sponsors

In addition, several national sponsors offer extra benefits and/or discount programs for ABWA members such as Business Services (ex. - H & R Block), Insurance (ex. - GEICO), Financial Services (ex. - Prudential), Travel (ex. - Hertz), and Personal Items (ex. - GM Goodwrench). For a complete list of extra offers and/or discount programs, please click here.

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National Membership Brochure!


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